To download and print a list, go to this link.

Book bag or backpack (labeled with name)11111111
# 2 pencils6624242424
Soft, large erasers112222
Pencil top erasers1111
Scissors (Fiskars preferred)11111111
Plain 2-pocket folder11
3 x 5 Note cards (package)111111
Roll of Paper Towel111111
Heavy duty 2-pocket plastic folder(not accordion)(K1 one red and one with design labeled with your child’s name)112211
Colored pencils (12-24 colors per box)11111
Black permanent marker1111
Large zippered supply bags (pencil bag)1111
Snap close supply boxes (no longer than 10 inches)11111
Zip lock plastic bags: 1 gal. size last name beginning with A-K, 1 qt. size last name beginning with L-Z111111
Beach towel, with child’s name on it in marker-for cots11
Complete change of clothes to keep at school, labeled with child’s name on each article of clothing (including socks)1111
Washable classic (basic) colored markers – thin (8-10)11
Washable classic (basic) colored markers – thick (8-10)111111
Crayons (24 color box)(twistable recommended)111111
Large boxes of tissues (no boutique sizes)111111
Art smock (long-sleeved or short-sleeved old shirt is OK)11111111
4-6 oz. bottle of white glue111111
Glue sticks (white)11442222
Wide-ruled spiral notebook – any colors123522
Gym shoes (anti-black mark soles) labeled with student name11111111
Metal compass11
Small pencil sharpener where shavings are enclosed1111
Pens – red2222
Wood or plastic ruler(not flexible) with standard/metric(K/1 wood)111111
Regular sized bottle of hand sanitizer11
Book Covers222
Post It Notes (Package of 12)1111
2 inch 3 ring binder1111
Packages of loose-leaf paper11
Dividers (for binder) Set of 81111


It may seem strange to get NEXT year’s supply list already, especially since school for this year is just ending!  However, it is good to have the list early in order to take full advantage of any sales you may encounter throughout the summer. In the past few years, the retail world has started to put out the back-to-school items shortly after Independence Day (July 4).  Keep Scrip in mind for purchasing school supplies from your favorite retailer.

If you have any questions, please give the school office a call (831-4846).

Please remember that the supplies listed on the back of this page are necessary throughout the school year.  Please replace them as needed so students will always be prepared for class.  Listed below are specific notes about the supplies for various grades.   Please be aware of them.

ALL GRADES – Trapper Keepers are not recommended because they do not fit in a student’s desk or backpack.  They also tend to become messy.


If your child does not have computer headphones, the school will supply a pair at a cost of $6.00.  Each child is to have his/her own pair.  They will be placed in a zip locked plastic bag when not in use and stored in the classroom.  If you purchased a pair in the past, teachers will pass them on to the next year’s teacher.


GRADES 2-5 – Each student will use 1 special assignment notebook throughout the course of the year that is purchased from school, and Grades 2-3 need a special 8-pocket folder purchased through the school.


These items are purchased at school.  You may combine all the above costs into one check!


3K and 4K grade total –          $6.00 if you need headphones (no ear buds-must have long cords)

K-1 grade total –                        $6.00 if you need headphones (no ear buds-must have long cords)

2-3 grade students                  $6.00 8-pocket folder, 7.50 Assignment notebook, $6.00 if you need headphones

4-5 grade Students –                $7.50 Assignment notebook, and $6.00 if you need headphones