2018-19  School Year

After School Schedule

3:10-4:15  After school care provider arrives and picks students up at the entrance. Students proceed downstairs for care. Students wash hands and eat a snack. Once everyone is finished with snack we will have a bathroom break and then outdoor playtime if weather permits or indoor playtime.

4:15-4:30  Study Hall/Homework time will be flexible depending on student needs.  If a student doesn’t have homework, they can read independently, or participate in other activities.

4:30-5:05– Group Activities—books, puzzles, cards, games  We will read books together and then participate in a game or physical activity. We will have a bathroom break during this time as well.

5:05-5:15  – Clean up

Contact Information

To reach the Secretary: 608-831-4846 (between 7:30 am and 4:00 pm)

After-School Phone: 608-831-4846

Operating Hours

  • On regular school days following the Saint Peter Catholic School calendar, the After-School Program will be open from 3:15-5:15 P.M.
  • On Early Dismissal Days when students are dismissed at 12:30 PM, After School Care, may be offered if there is a regular need. After School Care will be from 12:30 PM-4:30 PM on those Early Dismissal Days.

Drop In Care

Drop-In Care: If a parent discovers that they need care, they can contact the school by phone at 608-831-4846 on the day they need care. Our secretary will confirm that we have After School Care on the day of your call, and indicate whether we have space for your child in the After Care program.  If we have space, your child will be able to participate in our program on the day of your call.   We will take a maximum of 14 students in After School Care.

Daily Routines


All students should be signed in by 3:15.  Students should bring all items with them as they will not be allowed into classrooms to retrieve items.

If your child is scheduled to come to After-School and for some reason is not going to be attending (due to an appointment, other pickup arrangements, going to a friend’s, etc.), please send a note directed to Saint Peter Catholic School or call 608-831-4846 letting us know of the change.

Any student in the building for any reason must sign in to After-Care if they are not picked up in a timely manner.  The activity supervisor/teacher will bring them to the After-Care program and you will be billed for their time with us.

All students must be signed out, by an authorized adult, at pickup.  Please record the time of pickup.  This is crucial for the safety of each child in our care as well as for our record keeping.

The program closes at 5:15 PM  Please arrive with plenty of time to gather your child and his/her belongings.

Entrance to the After-Care Program is by the front school doors.  Please ring the bell to the right of these doors for admittance.

Every day we will have a snack time.  Choices will include items such as yogurt, cracker, fruit, raw veggies.  If your child(ren) has any known allergies, we will provide an alternative if, and only if, we have a note from your physician stating each allergy.  For milk allergies, water will be provided as an alternative.  You may wish to bring a snack from home for the afterschool program.  A fee of .35/item will be charged to your account for each snack provided.


  • All groups will have outside time each day weather permitting.  Please be sure your child has warm clothing for cold and snowy days.  Extra mittens help in case those used during the day are wet.


Homework Hall will be available every day from 4:15 to 4:30.

This will be a quiet workspace directed by someone prepared to keep the students focused on their homework.  If your child has no homework, they will engage in quiet activities during this time.


  • We will work closely with Saint Peter Catholic School teachers in order to provide proper support for each child’s needs.

Emergency Closing

Due to the weather or other unforeseen circumstances, we may see the need to close early.  If this is the case, we will announce over the radio and call you for early pickup.  If the Middleton Cross Plains Area School District closes early or cancels after-school activities, we will close also.  For the safety of all involved, please make every effort to pick up your child as soon as possible.


All individuals who work with children are required by law to report any suspected signs of child abuse to the child abuse hot line.  It is then up to the proper authorities to investigate.  In this case, we are not allowed to contact the parents.


For students participating in After  Care on a regular basis (weekly) a NON-REFUNDABLE registration fee of $55 for a single child is due at the time of enrollment to hold your child’s position in our program.  For students accessing the program 10 times or less per semester, the registration fee will be waived.


Tuition is set on an HOURLY BASIS and is calculated as follows:

      • Hourly rate:  7.00/hour
      • Calculated in quarter hour increments.  Therefore, a child who attends from 3:15-4:30 would owe $8.75

Custody Orders

Certified custody orders must be provided to the center director or office staff prior to enrollment.  Any changes in custody orders must be provided to the center immediately.  In sole custody situations, the center has the authority to ask that the exchange of the child(ren) is conducted off the center’s property.

General Information

We cannot release your child to anyone without parental consent.  Please include all probable parties on your child’s registration form.  If the person picking your child up is not on that list, we CAN NOT release your child to them.  If you anticipate that someone other than your list of authorized parties will be picking up your child, please notify us in writing.  All persons picking up your child will be required to show a picture ID.

Late Charges (Pick Up)

For children left after 5:15 p.m., a grace period of 10 minutes will be given. Anytime thereafter, we will assess a $1.00 per minute fee (per child).  Calling DOES NOT eliminate your obligation to pay this fee, although letting us know if you’re going to be late is appreciated.  If parents are habitually late, we will ask to meet with you and may assess an additional fee.


Saint Peter Catholic School does extensive child maltreatment and criminal background checks on all employees. Employees must also participate in Virtus Training (Protecting God’s Children).   We conduct an FBI check if the employee has lived outside the state of Wisconsin in the past 6 years.  Our staff is well trained in serving your child at all times.  All staff is required to actively participate in the supervision of children at all times regardless of the type of activity.


Regular participants will make an estimated prepayment each month for care and will be billed for all care beyond estimation and snacks purchased at the end of each month.  Checks should be made payable to St. Peter Catholic School.  Please indicate what the payment is for in the memo section of your check.  Registration for the program and/or enrichment classes are not accepted without the appropriate payment.  Delinquent payments are subject to late fees and children will not be allowed to use the program if payments are delinquent.

Emergency Drills

Our facility is equipped with smoke detectors; fire alarms, fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide detectors, and doors that open out to the exterior of the building.  We hold monthly fire and tornado drills with the children.  Each room has an emergency evacuation plan posted which shows the route to be taken in case of a fire or other emergency.


Please be aware that St. Peter Catholic School is not responsible for lost, misplaced, torn, stained, or stolen items.


The following is a list of contagious/infectious diseases that will require us to send a child home:

  • Fever (101 degrees or more)
  • Diarrhea (3 or more watery stools in a 24 hour period)
  • Vomiting (2 or more occasions in a 24 hour period)
  • Rash (body rashes not associated with diapering, heat or allergic reactions to medicine)
  • A sore throat (if associated with fever or swollen glands)
  • Severe coughing (episodes that may lead to repeated gagging, vomiting or difficulty breathing)
  • Pink Eye (pink or red eye(s) which may be swollen with white or yellow discharge, until on antibiotics for 24 hours)
  • Untreated Scabies, Head Lice, or presence of nits (may return after treatment)
  • Multiple Sores inside mouth with drooling (unless determined as non-infectious)
  • Ring Worm (may return after evaluation and under treatment by a health care provider-doctors note required)
  • Impetigo (may return 24 hours after treatment is initiated)


We may disperse medication ONLY with written permission signed by a parent stating the date, time, and the amount of medication to be given.  All medication must be in the original container with prescription label intact.  Please stop at the front desk to fill out the Medication Distribution form.  All medications must be left at the front desk.


If a child in our care acquires an injury, whether self-induced or by another child, the staff witnessing the injury will fill out an accident/incident report.  If the injury is serious in nature, the parent/guardian and unless we are instructed to do different, we will call for an ambulance and EMTs.  Please realize that any medical expense will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian.  St. Peter Catholic School staff is CPR and First Aid certified.


St. Peter Catholic School’s educational program encourages Christian responsibility.  What would Jesus do? “Love one another as I have loved you.”  (John 13:34)   Since a respectful atmosphere is essential for academic, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth to take place, all students must respect:

  • Other students, teachers, staff, and visitors;
  • Personal and school/church property;
  • Rules and expectations.

Consequences for inappropriate behavior are:

  1.   Student corrects behavior, apologizes, and serves some form of consequence for the behavior (this could be as simple as time out from activity or activities, removal from the program for the rest of the day and placement in the classroom of the second teacher who is on duty,  or as serious as suspension for a day or period of days from the program.
  2.   The After Care teacher works with the Principal and parents to resolve the problem or develop a plan to improve behavior.  It is expected that behavior will improve or removal from program will be permanent.

The principal reserves the right to omit the conference with parent(s) and suspend or expel a student immediately if the infraction’s severity warrants it.


Diocesan Policy 5120 states, “the suspension/expulsion of a student from a Catholic school is a very serious matter and should be invoked only in extreme cases.  Expulsion is permanent and is imposed only for serious offenses.”

Violations of a serious nature may result in suspension. Behaviors which will result in the suspension of a student may include but are not limited to, patterns of:

  1.   Disrespect or injury of any persons (whether they be teachers, other students, staff, or visitors);
  2.   Disrespect/damage for personal and communal property;
  3.   Defiant attitude or behavior which is in violation of the school rules for behavior and playground play.
  4. Failure to play or be in the assigned/designated areas during this supervision time i.e. leaving the property.


The following behavior will result in removal from the program and referral to law enforcement:

  1. Possession of a weapon.
  2. Possession of alcohol or drugs

If regular disciplinary measures have been taken by the teacher, and the parents have been contacted twice, the principal may suspend the child upon another such infringement of conduct.  The suspension will range in duration from one to three days from the After Care Program and restitution to the teacher and other students must be made.

Drugs and Alcohol 

The possession or use of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or other tobacco is strictly prohibited in all areas of school property and at all activities authorized by the school as functions for its students.  In the case of students who violate this regulation, the parents will be notified and a conference will be arranged.  Expulsion will result.