St. Peter’s Catholic School students know the meaning of service. Whether students are corresponding with servicemen, visiting the elderly, donating used clothing for the Koats for Kids drive, sending letters to seminarians, volunteering at our local fish fry, or just helping younger students in the lunchroom, at recess, or during mass our focus is on service to others.

Closely linking knowledge of the Virtues helps us teach students about service. Each month our students focus on one of the Theological or Cardinal Virtues. One of our classrooms presents information about the virtue to all of the students through a skit, video and display. Then, we complete a service project focused on that virtue.

September Virtue-Charity

Charity– Students will learn about Charity through a skit. Then they will create treat bags with Hershey’s Kisses coupled with a prayer throughout the month for our parishioners.

October Virtue-Faith

Faith– The Pre K students created a powerpoint showing the ways they practice their faith. The whole school created Rosary Prayer folders for Religious Education Students

November/December Virtue- Hope

Hope–Students in Grades 4 andigave these to families of parishioners who had lost loved ones.

January - Justice

 The K/1 students presented a skit starring the “Justice League.”  Then students wrote letters promoting respect for life to local electorate.

February - Temperance

For Catholic Schools Week, students learned about the importance of temperance/self control by cleaning up areas of the school which needed special attention (game and toy areas, walls, chairs in the cafeteria, classroom shelves, church pews etc). They also performed the task of removing old hymnals in church and replacing them with our new prayer books and music books.


Students in Grades 2 and 3 presented information on Fortitude to the other classrooms. Then they learned about the Fortitude of Christ by learning, practicing, and performing the Living Stations of the Cross for students, families and parishioners.


The students in Grades K/1 and 4/5 presented a skit on Prudence featuring the People’s Court, where different situations were presented and the judges decided whether prudence was shown or not.