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Justice Saints in Training, January 2018

Our virtue for the months of December/January was the virtue of Justice.

The virtue of Justice is usually represented by a scale and helps us weigh what is due to God and what is due to other people accordingly.  When we determine what Justice looks and sounds like in students’ lives, the evidence is the ability to treat others fairly and honorably, showing respect for the entire community, and attempting to give to each person what is due to them.  Virtues that are related to the virtue of Justice are courtesy, generosity, obedience, kindness and generosity.

These students were nominated for the virtue of Justice:

Monica Monica always does what is asked of her, follows directions, turns in her homework on time, and is organized. She is a quiet leader, leading by example.
Isaiah Isaiah is obedient and helpful if something is asked of him. He turns in his work on time, and is sincere in his words and actions towards others.
Margaret Margaret is helpful and obedient, very sincere in her words and her follow through. She is concerned with the well-being of others.
Andrew Andrew tries to make things fair in our classroom, pays attention to the rules, and often gives up toys that he wants so that another person can have a turn.
Abbie Abbie treats everyone fairly and is always aware of what the just thing would be to do in a situation.  Abbie is a very sincere student in her actions with her fellow classmates. Abbie will do anything asked of her without complaint and without question.  She has a strong desire to do all things well and will check with teachers to make sure she is completing a task or assignment correctly.  


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