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Fortitude Saints In Training

Mark has really developed in fortitude when feeling overwhelmed. He has shown great determination to overcome tough assignments and struggles.  He is a good role model–thoughtful about doing the right thing. He is a good model for how to be an advocate for himself, and how to use strategies in a productive way.
Evelyn is quite brave and a confident girl who is always willing to try new things.  She recently showed a lot of courage when she was feeling ill. She was calm and trusted the adults who were helping her. She was also seen on the playground singing “I can do anything.” Other students were motivated and started listening to her words.
Rosie Rosie shows great fortitude every time that she goes to Mass.  She is able to stay focused and to pray even when others around her are not staying focused. 
Jean-Luc Jean-Luc is a good role model in the classroom because he shows great determination with all projects and will easily fix and correct areas that need to be fixed. Jean-Luc takes initiative to complete tougher assignments/projects during the school day because he knows he needs to get them done. 
Shea Shea has made great progress this year and has been able to persevere through disappointment and let-downs that used to bog him down. 

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