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At St. Peter Catholic School we work very hard to make tuition affordable for each family. The tuition we charge is less than one fourth of the total cost to educate each child.  Volunteers are essential to our school program. By having a ready and willing cadre of volunteers we can keep operating costs at an affordable level for the families and the parish, provide support in the classroom to teachers, ensure a safe environment by helping with supervision, and continue to market and develop our school.  Development efforts and marketing will continue to be integral to the continued existence of St. Peter Catholic School.

Because volunteering requires a serious commitment by each family, we want families to be fully aware of the expectations for participating in the life of our school. Please read this policy carefully.

Three Volunteer Duty Expectations

  1. All families are expected to either sign up to cover 4 playground duties/child or pay $50.00/child to cover the cost of playground supervision.  The playground duty entails working with a St. Peter School Staff member outside during recess time to share the supervision of our students. There are two playground duties each day that need supervision; one during the Pre-K morning recess time and the other at the K-5 11:30 am recess time.

  2. All families are expected to help with the All School Fish Fry and/or Hall Scrub that is held in January.  This event is usually the 3rd Friday in January and there are a variety of ways that your family can be involved in preparing for the Fish Fry, or working at or after the Fish Fry.

  3. Each family with children enrolled at St. Peter Catholic School will be required to complete a minimum of 30 hours of service to St. Peter Catholic School during the school year, in addition to the time required for Playground Duty and Fish Fry Duty (This amounts to less than one hour per week of school.) All hours must be completed by the end of the school year. After June 20th, volunteer hours will count toward the next school year. Voluntary participation beyond the 30 hours is greatly appreciated. Substitutions for your required hours (such as grandparents) are accepted as long as they complete the Three Step Volunteer Process and are pre-approved by St. Peter Catholic School.

SPCS Three Step Volunteer Process

The Office of Safe Environment for the Diocese of Madison requires the following steps of anyone volunteering in our school  in order to ensure the safety of our students.

Step 1. Background check The first step in this process will be to go to the Madison Diocesan Website.  Go to this site:

During this process each new person requiring online training will begin by creating a username and password for identification.  Registrants will be asked to provide information for a criminal background check, which will be run on each employee or volunteer and is accomplished within the initial registration of the VIRTUS online program. For the sake of the necessary criminal background check, the system will ask for a social security number from the employee/volunteer. This is required to run the background check. The background check is then run based on the rest of the information the employee/volunteer provided.

Step 2. Diocesan Policy Book and Code of Conduct

Read our Diocesan Policy Book and Code of Conduct online, which each new employee and volunteer are required to read and electronically acknowledge. This can be accomplished within the initial registration of the VIRTUS online program.

Step 3.  Complete Safe Environment Training

After completing the registration process, background check portion and acknowledgment of the diocesan policy book and code of conduct, view the 60-minute online child protection video and answer the comprehension questions. It is essential that all pastors and deacons, safe environment coordinators, school principals, school teachers, religious educators, and youth ministers ensure that every adult under their direction or supervision is in compliance with all three components of the full Safe Environment protocol.

Finding Volunteer Opportunities

The St. Peter School Volunteer Opportunities Summary  document contains a list of the ways that families can volunteer at St. Peter School.  To sign up for one or more of these opportunities go to our Sign-Up Genius link which will be found on our web page. You are responsible for keeping track of the dates where you have signed up. If your family is unable to find an opportunity that works with the family schedule, please contact the school office at (608) 831-4846 to arrange for a special way your family can serve the school.

Orientation Process

Most volunteer tasks are easy to do, and instruction on completing the task is provided at the time the volunteering is to occur.   Some tasks may require some training in advance of the volunteer session. This will be scheduled in advance of the task at a time that is mutually agreeable to the volunteer and the volunteer coordinator.

Tracking and Reporting Hours

Families should track the number of volunteer hours on the Volunteer Log and turn the Volunteer Log in to the office at the end of each trimester.

Volunteer Substitution

Once you sign up for a volunteer role you are expected to keep track of and fulfill that role.  If you find that you are unable to fulfill the volunteer role to which you have committed you must arrange for your Substitute.  The Substitution may be of another pre-approved Volunteer or a trade of Volunteer Duties with another St. Peter Catholic School family.  In an emergency you can contact the school office at (608) 831-4846.

Unfulfilled Hours

Each unfulfilled hour of volunteer time will result in a charge of $10.00 payable at the end of the school year . Ex. 10 unfulfilled hours will result in a charge of $100.00. St. Peter will invoice families that do not complete the required number of volunteer hours.


Please sign and date the below Volunteer Contract. Return the signed portion to the school office and retain the policy description for your records.

Volunteer Contract

I/We understand and agree to the volunteer policies for St. Peter Catholic School.

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Date: ________________

Printed name: __________________________    Signature: ______________________

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