Our Mission

Providing support to our school and school leadership to increase enrollment with an eye to the future of St. Peter’s Catholic School by:

Keeping current families here from Pre K-5th
Attracting new families

The Marketing Committee meets bi-monthly in the school library.
Current Members:
Julie Hornung
Diane Kalscheur
Shaun LeVeque
Lisa Schell
Elizabeth Idzi

Activities that the Marketing Committee has been responsible for:

Promoting our school through ads, radio spots, t-shirts, sesquicentennial pens, etc
Helping with the Sesquicentennial planning
Organizing Family Activities to build community
Mentoring new families
Helping with the organization of a St. Peter Home and School Group
Constantly evaluating how we can better reach new families

Anyone who is interested can join and serve on this committee. Contact Kathi Klaas at kathi.klaas@stpetermiddleton.org if you would like to find out more about this committee.