The Parish Education Commission of St. Peter Catholic Church is established by the Pastor in conjunction with the Parish Council as an advisory body which shall assume responsibility for all forms of Christian education in the parish.

The purpose of the Parish Education Commission is to further the teaching mission of the Catholic Church within the parish and local community by promoting Catholic Education that spreads the Gospel message to all members.

Education Commission members are members of St. Peter Parish. Members of the Education Commission are elected in April to a three-year term. The Parish Education Commission members can serve no MORE than 2 consecutive terms.






Our Current Elected Members:
  • Elected in 2015           Theresa Wilson, Cheryl Meinholz, LoriAnne Lokken
  • Elected in 2016           Lori Neumann, Sue Hensen, Joan Pregler
  • Elected in 2017           Joy Prado, Kim Neumaier, Kayla Roudebush
  • Ex Officio                   Michelle LeVeque, Kaye Kruchten- Religious Ed. Coordinators


  • Kathi Klaas, Principal of St. Peter Catholic School
  • Rev. Chris Gernetzke
If you are interested in learning more about the Education Commission, please do not hesitate to Contact Kathi Klaas or attend one of our Monthly Meetings.Meetings are usually held the 3rd Tuesday of the month, beginning at 6:00 PM in the Church Connector. Parents and parishioners are welcome. Our next meeting is February 13, 2018.

Minutes from Past Meetings

 EC Min 1.16.18

EC Min 12.19.17

EC Min 11.14.17

EC Min 10.17.17

EC Min 9.19.17

EC Min 8.22.17

EC Min 6.20.17

EC Min 5.16.17

EC Min 4.18.17

EC MIN 3.21.17

EC Min 2.21.17 

EC Min 1.24.17