Home & School Association

The Home and School Board aspires to accomplish the mission of St. Peter’s Catholic School by providing opportunities for parents and faculty to meet and collaborate outside of the regular classroom setting. They also coordinates fundraising and volunteer activities to assist in providing programs, equipment, supplies and service needed to maintain a quality and well-rounded educational environment.

Education Commission

The Parish Education Commission of St. Peter Catholic Church is established by the Pastor in conjunction with the Parish Council as an advisory body which shall assume responsibility for all forms of Christian education in the  parish. The purpose of the Parish Education Commission is to further the teaching mission of the Catholic Church within the parish and local community by promoting Catholic Education that spreads the Gospel message to all members.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee provides support to our school and school leadership to increase enrollment with an eye to the future of St. Peter’s Catholic School.

Volunteer Opportunities

At St. Peter Catholic School volunteering is not only a great way to become involved and get to know others in our community. It is also the LIFEBLOOD of our school.

TeacherEase Portal

TeacherEase is the place where you can go to check all of your account balances, get information about student homework and grades, and view report cards at the end of the trimester.