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All For Mrs. Sullivan and Zertlers’ 3K 4K Class!

Welcome to our class webpage!

We are so excited to teach your child! To make this school year super easy for you, we want to update our blog periodically. Please check out other links on this page for useful information, such as our school’s hot lunch menu. Here is a picture collage of 3K/4K kiddos who were here for our 1st Day in school on Monday, August 28. They are all such beautiful children of God!

The First Day

Children came in eager to start the year and we could tell they were both excited and nervous. Yet their worried jitters diminished quickly as they explored the room and engaged in lots of free play. They explored centers, discussed classroom rules and learned ways to be kind. They really enjoyed exploring the playground as well, learning playground rules and spending time outside. Before we knew it, everyone seemed to be lost in a world of imagination. Fun routines were incorporated into play time and songs were heard throughout the room. Children learned how to use the bathroom in our class. Please discuss with them how to ask to use the bathroom and remind them they can go whenever they need to. We want to make sure all students are comfortable.

4K kids had a wonderful first full day on Tuesday. They had their first PE/Gym class with Mr. Sheard and had a blast. Tomorrow, Wednesday is our first mass day for our Monday/Wednesday/Friday students who follow the 3K schedule. So we will review what to do in the morning as they begin their first day together, and remind kids to use the bathroom before church. Please join us at mass every Wednesday if you can at 8:15. 4K will also be at mass on Tuesdays and Fridays at 8:15.

Snacks are taken care of! Thank you!

Thank you for signing up to bring snacks! I was so happy that almost every slot was filled! We hope this makes it easier for you all since students will already have snack in the classroom.

Mrs. Sullivan and I really enjoyed meeting you and your children at our Meet and Greet sessions. We are blessed to be able to work with wonderful families! It’s going to be a wonderful school year!

Feel free to contact us anytime. My email is and Mrs. Sullivan’s is!

This is Mrs. Z signing out!

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