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3K 4K Teaches Temperance This February 2018!

PreK did a wonderful job teaching the entire school about the virtue of Temperance. Their teachers created a Temperance Song (set to the tune of Snowflake, Snowflake) so that all students could learn what the Virtue of Temperance is. Check it out here:

3K 4K also created a Temperance board showing how they can practice Temperance in their lives. They enjoyed this project and learned how to have self control. Ask them to continue practicing self control at home and let us know how it goes ;).

Later they will lead the entire school in cleaning and practicing orderliness, another form of Temperance.

The Saint this month is St. Theresa of Avila. Please fill out your Temperance packets by March 1. Feel free to ask your child to sing their Temperance Song for you!

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