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Presidents Day Celebrations

Hello K/1 Families!

I apologize for not getting a blog post out sooner! We have had so many busy celebrations going on between the months of January and February. See below for pictures of our exciting day celebrating President Abraham Lincoln and how we “measured up!”

This month we are working on the following skills:

First Grade Reading:

    • long and short vowels
    • vowel teams
    • silent “e”

First Grade Math:

  • money
  • measurement

Kindergarten Reading:

  • the letters “h” and “u”
  • reading sight words “the,” “a,” and “has”

Kindergarten Math:

  • measurement
  • seasons
  • graphs


  • Lent
  • Way of the Cross

Science/Social Studies:

  • past and present
  • presidents
  • our country

Pictures from Catholic Schools Week: Vocations Day

Pictures from Presidents Day, how do we “measure up” to Honest Abe? (Abraham Lincoln was 6′ 4″!)

Picture of Kindergarten getting in order from “shortest” to “longest”

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