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Falling into Fun

Hello K/1 Families!

My apologize for not getting a blog post out sooner than this! We have had quite the busy first two months. Here are a few highlights, updates, and pictures. Enjoy 🙂



We have been learning about Cass, Oswald, and Golly. The Superkids have been teaching us about the letters C, O and G and the sounds they make! Ask your child to sing the songs for each of our Superkids friends!

First Grade:

We spent most of September reviewing skills, letter sounds, and memory words from last year’s Superkids. We just started our Unit 1 with the First Grade Reader and the story of “A Patch in a Pinch.” Ask your child about the new Super Secret Reader!


See pictures below for centers working on skills such as: letter identification, sight word practice, working on writing, and reading to self! We have been practicing our skills on the computer with the Superkids and are hoping to get the link up and running to use at home!




After lots of practice learning how to write our numbers, we have started using our likes and preferences to make graphs! We are learning about “most,” “least,” and “the same.”

First Grade:

The first graders have spent lessons touching on many subjects as a review: ordering objects using “first,” “middle,” and “last;” drawing pictures to match math stories/word problems; using “plan,” “understand,” “solve,” and “check” to find a solution to a word problem; and practicing grouping to figure out how to make a two digit number (i.e. 21 is compromised of two groups of 10 and one single unit).


See the pictures below as we practice our “greater” and “less than” skills playing war! We have been practicing individual skills on our math website IXL. The link was sent home this past week for your learner to practice at home.

Fun this Fall:

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

We had so much fun going to visit Brody’s dad’s farm down the road. We saw baby piglets, baby calves and baby kittens! We were so excited to pick our own pumpkins and take a ride through the pumpkin patch. Check out the pictures below!

Mrs. Melum’s Knit Hats

Last week, Sydnee’s grandma came into the classroom to bestow a gift for each child: a handmade knit hat and mitten set! We were so excited and thankful to receive such a wonderful, warm surprise! Below is a picture of all of us dec’d out in our warm gear!

Frog and Toad Play

Mrs. O’Neill and Finian’s grandma came this week to put on a play about Frog and Toad being friends! We even got to make our own Frog or Toad and put on our own puppet shows about how we can be friends to one another! We talked about being charitable is a good way to build friendships. You can find some of the pictures of us decorating our Frogs and Toads below!

Madagascar Play

This week we bussed all the way to the Children’s Theater of Madison to see the Madagascar Play! We were all so excited about seeing how the theater would portray all of the beloved animals we know from the movie. We spent the morning learning about where Madagascar is and what kind of habitat it provides for the animals that live there. We took some pictures with our friends from the other grades too!

Here are some links:

After a full week of the fine arts and conferences, Mrs. Zepp finally had time to gather some good resources for learning letter sounds, looking up good leveled reader books, and sites on which to play literacy games!

Book Wizard: Type in a book to figure out what the corresponding level is. Then search for other books of the same level to expand your child’s library!

Phonics Song: Play this for your learner and have them listen the first time, then sing along the second time. We are working on matching letter names to letter sounds! (Please correct your learner if you hear them adding “-uh” at the end of a letter. For example, the letter “d” says /d/, not “duh.” Please ask if you have any questions!)

Letter Sounds: This site will allow your learner to click on the letter tile and hear all of the sounds a letter makes. In Kindergarten we only focus on one sound per letter (using short vowel sounds, like in apple and umbrella; and the hard /g/ like in goat, and the hard /c/ like in cat). Here is another link to a different part of the same website for more phonogram sounds!


I am in the process of putting together a more concrete parent volunteer schedule and will send it via email this week!


As we are still learning the routines and procedures of school, I have decided to refrain from sending home work for the students each night. The most important skills to be working on can be done with items around the house: reading books out loud, writing two to three sentences (phonetically), practicing writing your name with only one capital letter and the rest lowercase and practice tying shoes! If you feel that your learner may need more practice with specific skills, please let me know and I can send home worksheets specific to your child’s needs. I have been sending home packets of review work for your learner to take at his/her own pace.

Thank you!

Thank you so much to all of you for your patience, support, and prayers! We are so blessed to have a solid foundation build in the family. Please know of our prayers for you and your family!

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