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Week of September 25th, 2017

Battle of the Books: A list went home of books the kids are encouraged to read throughout the year (it says third grade, but both grades are encouraged). They vary in difficulty so you are welcome to do read alouds at home or read them together. We may read a couple in class as well. The students will be put on teams in the spring based on which ones they have read (My goal is to make groups where at least every book has been read between the group members). We will then have a battle of the books where the kids are asked comprehension questions about the books through multiple rounds. (***this will be a parent volunteer event***)
Take home folders: There are two sides to the take home folders: Return to school or keep at home. Anything in the keep at home side is corrected and can stay at home, or information to parents. Anything in the return to school needs to be returned the next day unless specified (The Charity project is due this week!). Kids bring this folder home every night regardless if there is anything in it or not, just to stay in the habit of doing so.
IXL: IXL is an online math program that we are using (and I love it). Students have their own usernames and passwords. These were sent home in a letter, let me know if you don’t have them. It may be wise to bookmark on your computer so your children can easily sign in. I assign students a practice lesson each day for ixl as part of our math rotations. At this juncture, students are not required to do ixl at home. Eventually, I would like to be able to assign them a 20 question activity while at home instead of lugging home a big math book. There is also a Diagnostics option that gives students recommended activities based on what they need to work on. This would be a great thing to do at home if they have no homework and are looking for extra practice.
There is an option for me to assign an email to their account that emails reports of their progress. Would you like me to enter yours for your child’s account? Let me know and I would be happy to do so.

Homework: My goal was to reduce homework by giving kids enough work time in class to complete it; however, I am finding that we are not at that responsibility capacity quite yet. I am having a lot of kids coming up to the lesson with their homework unfinished. So, if you see assignments highlighted in their assignment notebook these are to be completed for the next day. A Badger buck is taken away for missing or late homework.

Third-grade vocabulary words are sent home on Mondays and are due on Thursdays. The kids have to write 5 sentences using one vocabulary word per sentence. I am looking for complete sentences and will eventually encourage them to write more complex sentences that truly show the meaning of the word. These are to be checked over by parents and initialed before handing in.

There is a lot going on, so if information isn’t getting home quite right or you have a question, please feel free to send me a note and I would be happy to clarify for you : )
Saint of the week: St. Vincent de Paul
Child of God: Lili Cerrato

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