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Week of October 2, 2017

This weather is still throwing me for loops! Beautiful fall day today, but supposed to be HOT Monday and Tuesdays– Students are welcome to have water bottles in the classroom. It is also our 3rd-grade class mass on Wednesday. You are more than welcome to come celebrate with us! If your child has a reading part, please help them practice their part at home– I will send it with them tomorrow. Thank you! Second graders will have their mass on November 29th.

Spelling Tests – Students will get words on Monday and have their test on Friday. We will be practicing them all week. They may seem very easy, but remember we are starting with level 1 to build a foundation for later. To practice at home, have the kids segment the word into sounds. We are working for mastery, so any words that your child gets incorrect will be added to their weekly practice list (for at home practice and word work activities). Students are expected to master all level one words before moving on to level 2.

Ixl- I am sending home a current review of the students’ diagnostic work (review). It will have skill areas that they need to practice if you would like ideas as to what specifically students can work on at home. If your child does not have homework and wants to go on ixl it will give them a specific activity to do.

Monday– Junior Achievement

Tuesday– Mass

Image result for pumpkin patch

Wednesday – Mass (student lead), pumpkin patch field trip at Kalscheuer’s Farm

Thursday– Junior Achievement (Family Adoration at 6)

Friday– Adoration, mass, mom playgroup, piano, Spanish


*Reminder if you have not signed up for conferences yet, please do so*  I prefer these are student lead conferences, so if you would plan on bringing your child that would be great!

Looking forward to a great week!

Mrs. Willman

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