TADS Financial Aid

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TADS Financial Aid FAQ

What are the requirements for financial aid?

The financial need evaluation is different for every school and every family. We take into account all aspects of your financial situation.

What documentation will I need to complete the application?

The required supporting documentation will be outlined at the beginning and end of the online application and is tailored specifically to what was entered on your application. Typically, TADS requires your most recently filed 1040 tax form (or verification of non-filing status from the IRS), your most recent W2 statements and your most recent paystubs as well as documentation of the stated debt on your application.

How can I find out if TADS has received my application?

For paper applications, you can fill out the included return postcard (don’t forget the postage!) and we will send it back to you when we receive your application. If you complete an online application, TADS will present you with a cover sheet that will display your completed application reference number.

How can I send in the supporting documentation?

You can mail, fax or upload your documentation to the TADS system.

What if I do not send in my supporting documentation?

Your application may not be considered for financial aid.

What if I want to leave my online application and come back to it later?

You may log back in to the TADS system and complete the application at any time. It is important to remember your username and password that you created your account with. If you have forgotten your password please go into the parent section under “Forgot Password” and enter your email address. We will email your password to your email address on record.

How do I know if you have received my fax, mail or upload?

TADS will send you an email within 48 business hours of receiving your fax, mailed document or upload. Please do not call if you simply want to confirm unless you have previously received an error.

If my circumstances change, can I change my application?

Please call the TADS helpline if you need to adjust your application, a TADS representative will ask for documentation of these changes to be submitted by mail, fax or upload.

When will I get my results?

Please contact your school for that information.

What is the "Parental Report"?

The “Parental Report” is available so the parent can confirm that the information TADS used to calculate your financial aid amount is correct.

Does the "Parental Report" tell me how much I will receive in financial aid?

No, only your school is aware of that information..

What if I find an error on my parental report?

Please submit all changes to TADS in writing by email or fax.

Do I include all children and their schools on my application?


How do I find out what supporting documentation I need to submit to TADS?

Required supporting documentation is listed in your application directions for the paper application and at the beginning and end of your online application.

May I fax my application?

No. Your faxed application is not compatible with the TADS system and cannot be processed or considered.

What if I need help filling out the application?

You are always welcome to call our helpline at 1-800-884-8237, we are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Central Time. We also offer an online chat where you can instant message with a live customer service representative. You can also email our help box at any time at help@tads.com.

What is an application worksheet?

The worksheet asks the same questions as the TADS application and its purpose is to help prepare a family to fill out an online application. Please note that it cannot be submitted in place of an application.

Why is a representative from TADS calling me?

TADS will call you if something on your application doesn’t make sense (entering yearly mortgage payments instead of monthly, a discrepancy between income on taxes and income reported on application, missing documentation, etc.).

Can TADS tell me how much aid I will receive?

Our contract is with your school and results are shared only with the school.

What is a letter of special circumstance and should I write one?

A letter of special circumstances can be written by any family. A letter is usually submitted when an applicant does not feel that the application accurately reflects the family’s situation due to a particular hardship.